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Handmade Custom Luxury Press On Nails


This includes the following:

  • 10 nails in your chosen length and shape
  • 24 adhesive tabs
  • Nail glue
  • Mini nail buffer
  • Nail cleanser pad
  • Wooden cuticle pusher
  • Prep, application and aftercare instructions

When all else fades

  • "Yes" you need a sizing kit with your first purchase

    After your first purchase I will send you a complementary sizing kit with ten different nail size samples.  When the sizing kit arrives, you select the nail size that fits best for every finger on each hand.  You then provide me with your sizes so I can create your custom set, which ships once completed.


    "No" you do not need a sizing kit

    You have purchased my press on nails before and I have your sizes on file.


    Please make sure to measure your nails accurately, I am not responsible for wrong sizing.  Contact me if you have questions.

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