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Kolinsky Nail Art Brushes

As a nail artist, it's important to have access to quality brushes that can help you create beautiful and intricate designs.  Understanding this requirement drove me to design and manufacture my own high-quality nail art brushes that cater to the needs of professionals. Are you looking to bring high quality art to your customers?  My brush selection has everything you need to create nail art with a beautiful and refined look. 

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Kolinsky Nail Art Brushes

I am delighted to offer my exclusive range of Kolinsky nail art brushes, designed to cater to the needs of professionals.  My brushes are crafted using the finest quality materials to ensure exceptional precision and accuracy in nail art designs. Experience the epitome of excellence in nail art with my premium Kolinsky brushes.  I offer six different brushes to choose from, each designed to help you create the perfect look.

Available is six brush styles & two handle colours

Where can I purchase Chantalylace nail art brushes?

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You can purchase your Chantalylace nail art brushes from the following distributors.

Distributor inquiries welcome

Contact to inquire about becoming a distributor.

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